Mystery of the Naga at Night Releases in Early December

Mystery of the Naga at Night Releases in Early December

Great news! We’re just weeks away from releasing Mystery of the Naga at Night, the second book in the Thailand series. Girls from around the world have been pre-reading it and they’re loving it. Here’s a bit about the book:

Welcome to Thailand!

Rustle. Crunch. Rustle. Crunch. Something creeps by Jess’ window in a Thai hill tribe village. Whatever it is sounds close enough to touch. The wind blows. Pebbles scatter. A shadow slithers though the moonlight. What is this mysterious creature doing slipping into the jungle every night? Jess and Nong May are determined to find out.


More Learning Fun


Check the Pack-n-Go Girls Thailand pages for Jess and Nong May’s favorite suggestions for exploring Thailand. You’ll see videos and photos of Thailand, visit an elephant sanctuary, learn more about the Thai language, see the famous Doi Suthep, and tons more. You’ll be entertained for hours–and the whole time you’ll be learning lots of cool new stuff.

For even more learning fun, check out our Thailand Country Exploration Kit. Discover the culture, the weather, the geography, and more in this set of learning activities about Thailand. It includes 60+ pages of reading, writing, vocabulary, geography, science, art, math, social studies, and fun games. Download the printable PDF for just $5.99 or order the full-color paperback activity guide for $11.99.