New Release: Never Enough Sisters

New Release: Never Enough Sisters

WorldTrek Publishing is pleased to announce the arrival of Never Enough Sisters, the second book in the award-winning Never Enough trilogy.

Travel to rural Kansas in the 1930s, where the Dust Bowl eats away spirits and brings farmers to the edge of bankruptcy. A small Mennonite community discovers too late that the one who has been saving them turns out to be the one who is also destroying them. In Never Enough Sisters, readers continue the rich and complex saga of the Peters family as they grapple with justice, forgiveness, and the consequences of life without either.

Once again, author Janelle Diller provides an authentic view of Mennonites and deftly handles themes of power and sexual abuse through the character of Cat Peters, whose wit and innocence engage the reader from the first sentence.

More about Never Enough Sisters:

It all seemed so simple in the moment. Simon Yoder is an evil man who steals the souls of young girls. Get rid of Simon Yoder, and all will be right with the world. Except it only works that way in fairy tales, and Mennonites don’t put much stock in fairy tales. 

Henry Schmidt throws his daughter Suzanne out of the house because of her bad funeral behavior. She eventually lands in the home of Cat Peters, her best friend and would be savior, just in time for the long arm of the law to snatch her away. 

And now Cat must save Suzanne from a life in prison—or worse. 

Don’t miss the first book in the Never Enough series: Never Enough Flamingos, a 2017 Kansas Notable Book Selection.

Here’s what Kirkus Review says about Never Enough Flamingos: “It is a testament to Diller’s authorial strength that, through the despair, she weaves in disarming humor . . . Peopled with some enduring characters . . . this is a vivid, surprising page-turner.”

A bit about the author:

Janelle Diller, a Kansan by birth and in spirit, will forever have a soft spot in her heart for golden wheat fields, sunflower-filled ditches, and sunsets that explode colors on the horizon. She’s has always had a passion for writing. As a young child, she wouldn’t leave home without a pad and pencil just in case her novel hit her and she had to scribble it down quickly. Although she eventually lost this naiveté, the passion remained. Her novel The Virus, a 2016 Colorado Humanities for the Book finalist, is a political thriller for these politically thrilling times. She also writes early chapter books for the national award-winning Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure series. The stories take readers around the world to solve mysteries and inspire them to be global girls. Someone forgot to tell her to stick with a single genre.

Currently, she and her husband divide their time between sailing the Mexican coast in the winter and spending summers in Colorado.